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Spring Break March 16th-20th
Words read :Spring Break" in colorful letters with sunshine, hearts, confetti.
There will be no classes at any JISD campus the week of March 16-20.  We will have a full day of school on Friday, March 13th.  Enjoy the time off with friends and family.  See you on March 23rd!

Yearbooks on Sale Now, Ends April 3rd!

"Order Your Yearbook" sign with picture of camera.Ordering information for yearbooks has gone home with students.  The cost of a yearbook will be $22.00 from March 14th until April 3rd.  Yearbooks may also be ordered online,  use code 43418H for ordering.  Yearbooks must be pre-ordered, no late orders can be accepted. MAKE MEMORIES!

5th Grade Field Trip on Friday, March 13th

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5th Grade students will travel to Zach Theatre in Austin on Friday, March 13th to see a play based on the book "Mr. Hatch".  The story celebrates friendship, acceptance and self-esteem.  Due to space restrictions at the Theatre, parents will not be able to attend this field trip with their children.  The JES PTO will be paying for admission to the theatre.  Contact your child's teacher for more info or with questions.


JISD Breakfast & Lunch Menus Sign read "Hey, What's for Lunch?" Click on the link to view menus for all JISD campuses.

Kindness Grams Heart shaped Earth with words (Spread Kindness and Love. Are you a student who wants to tell your teacher thank you?  Or are you a parent who wants to let your child know you are proud of them?  Do you want to tell a friend you are glad to be friends? Or do you know someone who might just need their day brightened? This year Student Council will begin something to help the students, teachers, and parents at JES spread kindness throughout our school community.  Starting January 15th, the members of StuCo will begin selling Kindness Grams. Kindness Grams are a simple note with a message letting someone know why you appreciate them.  They can be purchased alone or paired with a sucker.    Order forms will be available from Ms. Ray or the front office-simply fill out both sides neatly and return with payment in an envelope to the front office.  Kindness Grams are $.50 cents each or 5 for $1.00. Grams with a sucker are $1.00 each, or 7 for $5.00. Kindness Grams will be available each month throughout the school year to promote kindness and gratitude to our family, friends, and JES staff.  Please keep in mind Kindness Grams may be purchased to be sent to anyone you choose at JES. We will not be able to send to siblings or friends at other JISD campuses.


Cold and Flu Season Is Here!

"Sick" emoji...with thermometer and ice pack The cold and Flu season is upon us!  Please keep in mind, when your child is out, to email  or contact the office at 512-746-2170.  For your convenience, you can also have your doctor’s office fax JES the doctor note to 512-746-2575. 

Reminder: Students have 3 parent notes to use per semester if they are out sick or miss school.  Once those parent notes are used, a doctor note is required to excuse any further absences in the current semester.  If you run out of parent notes, you can also have our school nurse check your child to see if they would be clear to attend school.  If our school nurse does not clear them then that absence would be excused.

Jarrell Elementary Lunch Times


Pre-K                         10:30
Kindergarten         10:45
1st Grade                 11:05
2nd Grade                11:25
3rd Grade                 11:50
4th Grade                 12:15
5th Grade                 12:40

Jarrell Elementary Birthday Celebrations

Birthday balloon reads "Happy Birthday".
Parents are welcome on campus to celebrate their child’s birthday by bringing treats for the class to share.  You may drop items off at the office or personally deliver to the classroom at the time of the celebration.

Only refreshments consisting of cake, cupcakes, cookies or donuts and water should be served.  Please contact the office prior if you would like to make a suitable substitution of treats. 

Please keep in mind that this is not to be considered the student’s birthday party. Gifts, balloons, party favors/goody bags and additional guests should not be a part of the classroom birthday celebration.  In addition, siblings will not be able to leave their classrooms to attend. 

Celebration time is limited and each grade level has selected a time for these festivities.  Always contact your child’s teacher beforehand and arrive a few minutes prior to that time to check in at the office and receive a visitor’s badge.  Any items brought beside the treat and water will be held in the office and picked up as you leave campus.

Our goal is to keep the celebrations at school simple as to not distract from the classroom routine and instructional time. 

Thank you for your cooperation!


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